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Related article: Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 20:58:19 -0700 (PDT) From: Mark Arbour Subject: Chronicles of an Academic Predator - Ch. 22CHRONICLES OF AN ACADEMIC PREDATOR Before you read this story, there are a few things you should consider:1. It contains graphic descriptions of sex between men. In some cases, these depictions may get kinky, and include borderline S&M.2. It is set in the early 1960s, an era before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when segregation and discrimination were the norm. African Americans were referred to as Negroes or Coloreds, although the "N" word was offensive then as it is now. I have retained the language of the era because it reminds me how far we have come on race relations.3. Be aware that the effects of inflation have been fucking young teen profound. A good rule of thumb is to consider that $1 in 1962 is probably similar to $10 in 2008. So just add a zero at the end of any number.4. Some authors are good enough to create a mood through their words. I need help, so I'll underground young xxx be posted recommended musical selections throughout the story.CHAPTER 22Musical Recommendation: "Foolish Little Girl" by The Shirelles October 12, 1962 This drive was getting old. It got even older when I realized I'd have to do it at least three more times before the end of the year. But a promise was a promise, and this was a big deal in Claremont. Homecoming 1962, the first game in our new, top drawer stadium. Besides, all of this was overshadowed by the fact that in a week I'd be on a plane bound for Brussels and a long weekend with my boyfriend. The weather had definitely changed. I was kind of worried that it would snow and I'd get stuck in Ohio, but I put my faith in the weathermen. Besides, if things got really bad I could probably try to fly back. There was no snow now, but it sure as hell was cold. I cranked up the heater a bit and vowed to get one of those new Corvettes with the hardtop. The wind noise alone was starting to get to me. The days were shorter so it was dark when I got into town, even though I was there early. Everyone was expecting me this time, so there was no big surprise. I got there in time for dinner, a wonderful affair, with my parents and the Schluters, including Stefan. I was still really uncomfortable in his presence, but not nearly as uncomfortable as he was. Tonto seemed oblivious. She talked mostly about Billy and how she'd gone to see him. He was trying to work things out with Janice, and surprisingly her visit seemed to help that along. I'm not sure how that worked, or if it was in fact true. I'd have to wait to hear from Billy. Stefan said almost nothing. After the obligatory family time, I decided to go to Dino's for a drink or two. Jeff and Sammy were at practice and were required to hunker down and rest tonight in preparation for tomorrow's game, so I was on my own. I got up to leave and excuse myself when Stefan stood up too. "I'm not feeling very well. Would it be OK for JP to drop me off at home? If it's OK with JP that is?" I didn't have much of a choice, but I figured I'd be safe since Tonto would never allow us to be alone. "JP, would you mind? I'd hate to get up and leave right after eating," Tonto said, shocking the shit out of me. I guess she decided I wasn't such a predator after all. "No problem," I said, lying. This was just terrific. We strolled out to my car and I noticed he was wearing the winter coat we'd bought in Chicago. "That coat keeping you warm?" I asked as I got into the car, trying to generate small talk and thus avoid the bigger issues. As soon as we drove away he started talking, just like I sensed he would. "JP, I'm so sorry that I didn't stand up for you that day in the foyer. I was so scared, and my survival instincts kicked in. I figured that someone like you with your unimpeachable reputation, could handle a small scandal, but someone like me couldn't. I'd probably be shipped back to France." "That's a young and blonde bunch of bullshit. What you did was rat me out to save your puny little vicki young porn ass. I offered you a way out. You could have come with me to Chicago. But no, you just turned on me. I mean nothing to you." I thought I was over him, but the bitterness in my voice betrayed that. "You mean everything to me. I'm miserable without you. young girl shit Why do you think Tonto is so nice to you now? Because I told her everything, took responsibility for everything. Showed her the pinky ring to prove it." He pulled it out of his pocket and placed it on the console of the car. "We're here together because she trusts you, not me." "Stefan, when you blew me off, it's as if a switch turned off inside me. I cried, I sobbed, and when I was done my romantic feelings for you illegal young pictures were gone. All I can offer you now is friendship, and that's going to take a while to build back up." I figured that I had to be honest with him. He just sat there quietly as we drove up to the monstrosity. He got ready to leave, tears pouring down his face, when I stopped him and hugged him. At first he pushed me away, but then he just collapsed into my arms and cried. Before, when we'd had the big confrontation, I lost my romantic feelings. Now, holding him, feeling his pain, I lost my anger. He let go and got ready to leave. I grabbed his arm gently. "Stefan, I meant what I said. I want to be your friend." I picked up the pinky ring and put it on my finger. He smiled a little and leaned young sex pic in and kissed me, the kind of kiss that reminded me just how incredibly sexy he was. I was glad to get to Dino's and have a drink. On the one hand, I seemed to keep having these crises whenever I came home. On the other hand, slowly but young girl gallery young kids masturbating surely they seemed to be resolving the skeletons I'd left behind. I downed a vodka tonic and ordered another, downing it too. That did wonders for my mood, which was starting to change when, predictably, Frank Hayes suddenly hovered over me. "Hey Crampton, back in town again? You here to molest my little brother?" "Why not? You got him all warmed up for me." I retorted. He looked at me, irritated. Same pattern. "Sit down and have a drink Frank," I said, and he sat. "Speaking of my little brother, thanks for what you did for him. My parents and my brothers were treating him like total shit. He's a good kid, best of all of us, and has some real potential. That's why they're trying to keep him down." "I have to agree with you. He's a great guy, and he was a great help to me when I moved to Chicago." Frank looked at me, puzzled. Guess he didn't talk to Jeff much. He obviously didn't know he'd helped me vicki young porn move. "When's the last time you talked to Jeff," I asked him. "The night he got kicked out. Came by my house first to see if he could stay with me. I said no, like a fucking idiot. By the time I realized how stupid that was, he was gone." "You should tell him that. Might make him feel better to know that he's not completely isolated from his family." Frank just nodded. "So he helped you move huh?" "Yeah. Drove me to Chicago, helped me get organized, helped me paint my house, and got to meet the football coach." "You introduced youngest web nudes him to the football coach?" he asked, incredulous. "Yep. And they young slut toplist agreed to put Claremont High on their scouting circuit. Isn't that cool?" I was excited about that. It may give the guys opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise. "That's pretty slick JP. Well, I gotta go. See you around." He got up to leave. "You know what I think." He stopped mid stand and looked at me. I had his attention. "I think that a person wouldn't have to dig too far beneath that asshole exterior of yours to find a pretty good person inside. I'd like to meet that person someday." Frank wasn't a smart guy. It would take him awhile to figure out that was a compliment. After that, I'd had enough of Dinos. I headed home, ukranian young cp tired both physically and emotionally. I parked the car and walked quietly through the house so no one would know I was home and get up and talk illegal young pictures to me. I giggled to myself. I was a little drunk, acting like a secret agent man sneaking into enemy headquarters or something. When I got to my room I shut and locked the door. Still giggling.Musical Recommendation: "Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and The Romantics "What's so funny?" said Jeff, scaring the shit out of me. As soon as I was done hyperventilating, I walked over and fell into his arms. "You're drunk baby," he cooed in my ear. "Just a little bit," I said. Our lips met and our clothes were off in no time at all. Then he was on top of me, his huge, muscular, naked body thrusting into mine. His cock rubbed against my groin and I felt his pubic hair rub against the sensitive head of my dick. In what seemed like no time at all, we'd both ejaculated all over ourselves. He lay down next to me and I snuggled up to him, our cum mixed together and drying on us. It didn't seem to matter to either one of us. "Thanks for coming home. It wouldn't have been the same if you weren't here," he said, and kissed my head. "I missed you so much," I said, as I looked up at him and kissed him again. "Guess who I ran into at Dino's tonight? Your brother Frank." He tensed up. I could feel his muscles bunch up underneath that soft coating. "What did the fucker have to say?" he asked bitterly. "Thanked me for helping you out. Told me what a great guy you were. What a stupid asshole he was for turning you away after you got kicked out. How you were the only one of them with any real potential." I felt him relax. He shut his family out, but I sensed it was bothering him. Maybe if he could repair the link with young nudist forum Frank, it would be enough to ease some of his pain. "Humph," was all he said, but I knew it got through. We lay there quietly for a few more minutes, and then I reached down and started gently stroking his balls. I just let my fingers briefly brush across the youngest metart hairs in a light move. In no time at all I was rewarded with a rock hard cock. I smiled up at him and kissed him. "You know what I want?" I asked him with my slutty voice "I know what you want baby," as he rolled over on top of me. He nuzzled up against my ear. "You want my big dick inside of you don't you?" "Yeah, I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me." He moved my legs up and I ukranian young cp helped by grabbing my ankles. He gently probed me with his finger. "You like that don't you baby? You wish that was my cock don't you?" He pulled his finger out and entered me, waves of bliss flowing from my groin throughout my body. He leaned forward while he fucked me, bending me almost double, so he could talk to me while he thrust in and out of my ass. young girl gallery "Baby, I love being inside you. You feel so good, you feel like part of me. I wanna flood your ass with my cum." After that I just heard the noise of the words, not the words themselves, as I lay there getting my ass pounded by this hot, amazing guy. We lasted for a long time, the longest I'd ever gone, and it was wonderful. It was as if I young lesbian pussy could feel every pore in my skin, every hair on my body, and when I finally came, finally exploded, it was as if every pore and every hair simultaneously young nudist forum cheered.October 13, 1962 The stadium was brightly lit, with big crowds as expected. I'd never seen such a big, diverse crowd at a homecoming game before. I was proud of Tonto and her efforts. I didn't have a ticket; Jeff told me not to get one. He said the coach wanted to meet me, and that I should head to the locker room. When I got there, there were a couple of students guarding the door. Typical jock sniffers, the same types that were hall monitors when they were younger. They were typically officious until I identified myself, and then they ushered me in. The first thing to hit me was the smell. That same smell I remembered when I was here, a mixture of dirty socks, moldy towels, and body odor. As I walked forward I saw the various team members getting ready, some just in their jock straps. I had to focus my eyes ahead. How queer would that be, to get a hard on in the locker room? They took me to the coach's office, and I saw Coach Perkins, who'd been there forever, or at least since I was in high school. When he saw me his eyes lit up. "JP Crampton! It's great to see you! You are our hero of the hour!" I looked at him puzzled. He shouted out at the locker room and the team assembled around him. "Boys, this here is JP Crampton. He came all the way from Chicago to watch us play tonight, and I'm gonna ask him to sit on the bench with us on the sidelines." My eyes got really wide at that. I saw youngest vids Jeff in the group and he winked at me. "And do you know why?" He waited, and they finally chanted "NO!" He moved up into a circle they made for him, leaving me behind, vicki young porn but still the focus of attention. "Do you know who's out there in the audience tonight? Besides your friends and family, besides the alumni and most of the town, besides all those people, do you know who's out there?" He waited and got another resounding "NO!" "There are five scouts representing 12 major universities, all here to watch you play, all here to see if you're good enough to earn a scholarship at their school. What do you think of that?" The cheering was deafening. "And do you know why those scouts are here? Because Professor Crampton here, when he took up his position at Northwestern University, he didn't forget about Claremont, he didn't forget about his hometown, he asked them to send scouts to our games, and they did!" More deafening cheering. Only this time it continued and I felt myself lifted up by a bunch of players, tossed in the air, and carried out of the locker room. Fortunately they set me down ukranian young cp so I didn't get carried fucking young teen onto the field. All of the guys, all of them, came by to thank me, and to pat me on the back. It was one of the best feelings I'd ever had. Jeff came up and hugged me from behind. "You Thick young cock boosted the morale of this team like nobody. Watch us kick some ass tonight!" I have to say that football is pretty exciting when you're on the sidelines. I did what I could to be helpful, mostly fine young girls shuffling ice packs around, but it was a great experience. Better yet, they did kick ass, beating the visiting team 48 to 12. Both Jeff and Sammy got touchdowns, and both were amazing on the field. While Jeff and Sammy got Amateur young tits changed, I wandered off to find my parents. I ended up socializing young attitude with a bunch of people, keeping my eyes open for Jeff. The players started coming out, and I didn't see him. The crowd was thinning, and I still didn't see him. The stadium was really getting empty, and still no Jeff. I decided to retrace my steps to the locker room to make sure everything was OK. I found Jeff outside the locker room behind the bleachers. There was no one else around. Two of his brothers, older ones I didn't know, were holding him by the arms, while his father was in his face. I watched as he yelled at him, and then punched him in the stomach. I instinctively rushed forward and put myself between Fred and Jeff Hayes. I must have looked ridiculous, small as I am. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. Fred was drunk and obnoxious. His wife stood next to him, and she answered. "This ain't none of your business. It's our family business. So you just run along and butt out. Jeff's coming home with us." She was a withered woman, aged beyond her years, with a crooked nose that spoke volumes about how many times Fred had broken it. "You threw him out. He lives with us now. So let him go." Fred Hayes laughed in my face. "You little faggot. I always knew you was queer. You just have him locked up in those hills where all you rich people live. All you rich people lookin' down on the rest of us." He burped. "Well I gay young free ain't lettin' one of my sons be kept up young kinder sex there so some rich faggot can cornhole him whenever he wants." He burped again. "Fuck you Fred. You don't know what you're talking about. That kid has talent and brains, more than the rest of you porn young rusian combined. He has potential. Someday, he'll be living up in the hills, successful and proud. That's why you want to bring him down. You're jealous of your own kid." I spat the words at him. "Don't you talk to my husband like that you uppity twit. That kid ain't no good. He needs a firm hand to guide him." Her husband roughly pushed her out of the way. "Shut up woman, I'll handle this." "I think I'm gonna beat your little faggot ass to a pulp first, then I'm going to teach that son of mine a lesson. What do you think of that pretty boy?" He moved on me menacingly, but I stood my ground. I'd get my ass kicked, but that would be the end of Fred Hayes. "Go ahead Fred, hit me. You do, and it's jail time for sure. Give your family a break from getting their asses kicked, unless you trained these other goons to take your place." I stared at him defiantly, bracing myself for the punch that was about young attitude to come. Suddenly from behind me I saw movement, and a fist fly past my face and land squarely on Fred Hayes' jaw. I turned to see Frank Hayes fly past me and land on top of his father, pummeling the crap out of him. His mother jumped on his back and began hitting him, defending the husband who abused her so badly. The two other brothers let go of Jeff and went over to pull Frank off their father. Fred was a mess, bleeding pretty badly. He'd gotten his ass kicked bad. It was about time. Jeff collapsed to the ground. He'd gotten roughed up pretty bad. Frank and I helped him walk out to my car. We just stood there, Jeff spitting blood out of his mouth and Frank nursing his overworked fists. Jeff pulled illegal young pictures himself up and walked over to Frank, who looked at him nervously. Then Jeff reached forward and pulled Frank into a big hug. Frank hugged him back. For the first time in my life, I saw Frank Hayes cry. young sex toplist I let them have their moment, taking the vicki young porn time to put Jeff's bag in the trunk. When I returned they had separated. Frank looked at Jeff and said "I'm really proud of you. Really proud. I'm so sorry I didn't let you move in with me when you needed my help. If I could go back and do it differently, I teens lsm young would. But you found a good place to stay, and I'm happy for you. If you ever want, though, you are always welcome. Always." They hugged again. As they broke apart and Jeff headed to the passenger door, I held my hand out to Frank and he took it. "I knew I'd get to meet that great guy someday. I hope you shed that outer shell for good Frank. If you did, you've got some major potential too." He smiled at me. "Thanks JP. I think I've got it figured out now. Now I just gotta find a new job. I'm sure my Dad will get my ass fired on Monday." "I seriously doubt that will happen Frank. In fact, you can bank on it." That night my mother let Jeff sleep in the guest room, which made it easy for me to join him. I snuggled up to him as usual but he cringed. "I'm pretty sore JP," he said. "You sore everywhere?" I leered as I moved my mouth down to his expanding cock. I took him in my mouth and began working his pole. We'd been messing around together long enough that I knew what he liked, but tonight I planned to surprise him. I stopped sucking him and moved down to his balls, licking them, sucking on them, and watching for his reaction. He liked it, but that wasn't his spot. Then I moved lower, to his perineum. I nuzzled young slut toplist my nose into his body, inhaling his scent. I'd never found his body odor to be pleasant, but his balls and perineum were like perfume to me. I licked my young slut toplist way down to his hole and watched it twitch in anticipation. When I got to his ass, I rimmed the edge slowly porn young rusian at first, almost delicately, and then I got firmer and firmer until I forced my tongue inside young hot latinas his hole. I took a minute to notice him, and he was moaning like crazy. I had lubed my ass just in case, so I reached back and used that lube to slather my index finger. As I moved up to his cock again, I pressed that finger against his hole. He tensed up. "Do you trust me?" young lust xxx I asked him, and I felt his hole relax and loosen, allowing my finger to enter. I gently probed in while I took his cock back in my mouth. That distracted him enough, and in just a few seconds I had my naked young movies finger fully inserted in his ass. As I moved up and down on his pole I carefully moved my finger around, seeking his spot. I found a soft, button like spot and gently stroked it. His body stiffened like steel and he let out a loud moan. "Oh god that feels good. Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah." I really had him going now. It didn't take long after that. Between my finger and my mouth I brought him off to one monster orgasm. "Good?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled. "No." I raised my underground young xxx eyebrows, questioning him. "It wasn't good at all. It was great. The best."October 14, 1962 I was on my way out of town, the painful goodbyes said yet again, but I had one more stop to make. I drove up to the Hendrickson's house, a large Tudor style mansion not far from our house. Being here gave me a weird feeling. Genetically, this was my home too. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I'd get, arriving unannounced. I rang the bell, an ostentatious gonging thing, and it was answered after some delay by Bill Hendrickson himself. "Hi Dad," I wanted to say, but I didn't. "Why JP Crampton. Good to see you. Come on in." He led me into his study while he continued rambling. "I gotta thank you for what you did for our football program. That was just first class. So what brings you here?" I explained the situation with Jeff, how after the July 4th festival he'd been thrown out and had come to stay with us. Then I replayed for him the vignette last night. "Bill, I don't mean to tell you how to run your mill. It's not my place. young naked teenage But Frank was really worried that Fred would work to get him fired. If that's in the best interest of the mill, then so be it, but I wanted to let you know the circumstances so you could better evaluate the situation." Bill Hendrickson shed his good ol' boy routine. "Frank Hayes doesn't have anything to worry about." He kept looking at me intently, and I studied him right back. Then he shocked me to the core. "You know don't you?" he asked. We stared at each other in silence. "Know what?" I prevaricated. He just smiled. "You know," he repeated. "I know," I said, submitting. "Your mother tell you?" he asked. "No, my grandfather." I stared at him, steel-eyed. "Figures that crusty old bastard would find a way to stir things up from the grave." I tended to agree with him. "So you think it would have been better for me not to know the truth?" I asked. "I'm not sure. I guess I'm kind of jealous." "Why would you be jealous?" I black young vids asked. He'd been the one to bone my mom and get away with it. "Because you've been a good son, and you're a good person, and I don't know if this means anything to you, but I am proud of you. I would have liked to have been a bigger part of your life." I'd never seen Bill Hendrickson with his guard down like this, nor so fucking young teen sincere. He was kind of like Frank, a nice guy beneath the veneer. "Thank you. I promised, I swore to myself that this secret would remain a secret. I could never hurt my father like that." I was getting angry at my mention of my father, who I would fiercely defend. He sensed that. "I appreciate that, and don't worry; I'm not saying a thing. I'm sure illegal young pictures this has been tough to deal with. For what it's worth, I'm sorry. But if, after you think about all this and sort it out in your mind and you end up not hating me like you probably should, I'd like to have the opportunity to get to know you better." I just nodded and got up, fine young girls shook his hand, and left. Back to Chicago and away from this place that just fucked with my emotions. October 15, 1962 I was in the middle of organizing my clothes for Brussels. I was scheduled to leave on Thursday night, but I wanted to be prepared. The truth of the matter is that I was so excited I had to do something, anything, to move the process forward. Jason sensed my keyed up emotions, and fed off of my excitement. I was interrupted by the door buzzer. I wasn't expecting anyone. I guess it could be Scott, but he hadn't called since Jensen died, and he wouldn't just show up, would he? I answered the door and there was youngest metart a uniformed Western Union agent. "I have a telegram for Dr. JP Crampton," he said, sounding very official. "I'm Dr. Crampton," I told him. Telegrams were never good news. I felt my stomach hit the floor. "Please sign here," he said, and handed me a receipt. I signed it, he gave me the telegram, and left. I stared at the telegram with Jason hovering around me, both of us wondering what it was. I was really worried, but I swallowed my fear and opened the telegram.TO: JP CRAMPTON FROM: LT ANDRE CLERRAULT, USA SENT: OCTOBER 15, 1962DO NOT COME TO BRUSSELS STOP ALL LEAVE CANCELLED STOP AM FINE AND WELL STOPI walked over to the couch and turned on the television. The news was on but there was nothing to suggest a crisis. Why the fuck would leave be canceled? If Andre did something stupid to get his leave canceled, and ended up fucking up our plans, I'd kill him myself. I stopped myself before I went down that path. I don't know why this happened, but he was as excited to see me as I was to see him. Wasn't he? Published First at :
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